In the spirit of reconciliation

In the spirit of reconciliation, each year ACRRM and RDAA supports local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander artists by commissioning a custom artwork for RMA. This artwork is integrated into the conference branding to promote cultural awareness and educate conference delegates about the Country on which we are gathering and acknowledge the Traditional Owners who have been caring for Country for tens of thousands of years.
We are delighted to introduce you to RMA24 artist, Trent Bundirrik Lee. Trent is a proud Larrakia man through his Father and is part part of the large Cubillo family. Trent's artwork represents the rainbow serpent, bringing both the ancestral knowledge and the scientific knowledge together. Read more about Trent, and the full story of the artwork below.

About the RMA24 artist

Trent Bundirrik Lee

Trent Bundirrik Lee is from Darwin and is an accomplished mural artist and traditional carver, healer, dig player, mentor and cross-cultural facilitator. He was a featured artist in Bruce Munro’s Tropical Light Festival, 2020 Darwin Street Art Festival and 2020 Palmerston Youth Centre mural.

Trent also runs Saltwater Cultural Tours mainly running tours in the local area which is the Larrakia Peoples land and waters and as a Larrakia descendant he is a traditional owner and custodian of the land which he operates on. He loves exploring and appreciating the country in which he grew up and is always looking to expand his expertise and understanding of his culture. He also guides trips to more remote and exclusive locations a few times a year.




Trent Bundirrik Lee

About the RMA24 artwork

Artwork Story

“The serpent is this artwork is the rainbow serpent, bringing both the Ancestral knowledge and the scientific knowledge together. Elements of bush medicine is connected to the rainbow serpents body and flowing through as it travels over and around the earth. Scattered along the path of the serpent is medical instruments, that assist all medical staff in their day to day caring for their patients. Modern medicine is represented through the boxes in the back ground showing the ever changing and developing medicines, that help all people from different walks of life. The circles in the background underneath the boxes is the undiscovered medical cures in the future. The crosshatch lines are the medical students, junior doctors, educators, nurses, academics and medical practitioners coming together. They all represent the backbone of care for their patients and families in difficult circumstances. Woven like an intricate web of DNA and history the crosshatch recognises that they will forever share that time, and will be connected through that moment.”

Trent Bundirrik Lee

ACRRM and RDAA acknowledge the Larrakia people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which RMA24 will be held. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise these lands have always been a place of teaching and learning.