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Welcome to the buildup: strong foundations for better health

Program themes

Abstract themes shape the academic program for RMA24 and provide the key areas of interest for presenters and delegates to explore throughout the conference.

BUILD UP CLINICAL KNOWLEDGE: Clinical skills and clinical updates across all domains of practice

Presenters are invited to deliver important clinical skills and knowledge updates across all domains of practice suitable for rural and remote settings. This stream ensures attendees can upskill their clinical knowledge and return to their practices armed with the latest techniques and research across topics ranging from women’s and men’s health to paediatric health, population health and more. Presentations can include workshops, panel discussions, research presentations and keynote presentations.

One of the most requested streams at RMA, clinical knowledge abstracts will take precedence over all other topics in formulating the program.

BUILD UP CULTURAL COMPETENCE: Strengthening rural healthcare through inclusive practices

Presenters are encouraged to explore the intersection of cultural diversity and rural healthcare.This stream will delve into the complexities of delivering culturally sensitive and competent care in rural settings, highlighting innovative strategies, successful interventions, and collaborative models that promote inclusivity and address the unique needs of diverse populations. Presentations might include best practices, case studies, and pioneering techniques for embedding cultural competence into clinical practice.

BUILD UP EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Maximising scope of practice and collaboration in rural healthcare teams 

Presentations covering strategies to optimise healthcare delivery in rural settings through effective utilisation of diverse healthcare professionals and scopes of practice will be covered within this stream. Recognising the unique challenges faced by rural healthcare providers, this stream will examine innovative approaches to expanding the roles and responsibilities of various healthcare professionals while fostering collaboration within multidisciplinary teams. 

BUILD UP HEALTH ECOLOGIES: Exploring the interplay of climate, health, and sustainable Practices in rural communities 

This stream will be a dynamic forum for examining the critical intersection of environmental sustainability, public health, and rural healthcare delivery. As climate change continues to impact communities worldwide, rural areas face unique challenges and opportunities in safeguarding both environmental and human health. 

BUILD UP RESILIENCE: Strategies for building thriving rural communities 

Recognising the multifaceted challenges faced by rural areas, this stream will spotlight successful strategies and best practices for promoting holistic community well-being. Presenters are invited to highlight the crucial role of clinicians, community health leaders, policymakers, and other essential stakeholders in driving significant reforms and improving both community solidarity and health results in a clinical context. 

BUILD UP INNOVATION: Insights from research projects in remote and rural communities 

By shining a spotlight on rural and remote research projects, this stream aims to elevate the visibility and impact of research conducted in these settings, ultimately contributing to the evidence base needed to improve health equity, access, and outcomes for rural communities across Australia.

For any questions about abstract submissions, contact the RMA conference team at 1800 223 226 or email rmaconference@acrrm.org.au

ACRRM and RDAA acknowledge the Larrakia people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which RMA24 will be held. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise these lands have always been a place of teaching and learning.