RMA22 theme and streams

We're excited to reveal the RMA22 conference theme and aligning streams is Bold Boundless Beyond Together.

RMA22 streams

Stream one:
- celebrating and leading change for improved rural health outcomes 

This stream shares advocacy success stories from the coalface, and delivers solution-focussed sessions. Topics might include, community and stakeholder collaboration to achieve more; rural practices working together; championing of generalism across all specialities, and valuing the contribution of all clinicians who provide care in rural communities. Sessions may also encourage discussion and provide updates on emerging policies, technologies and developments occurring in health and rural-proofing them to deliver for rural communities.

Stream two: 
Boundless - innovative rural solutions for busy clinicians and practices 

This stream will cover innovative ways clinicians, practices and hospitals have responded to the pandemic and other challenges of working rurally. This may include, but is not limited to, the up-skilling of non-medical staff to manage the added workload; tele-health and virtual service successes; tips on managing and logging CPD requirements, and remote patient monitoring. Presentations may also include tips on how to maintain financial viability while being asked to ‘do more’ with the same, and showcase examples of embracing technological advancements to work smarter not harder. Supervisors and educators are encouraged to share how they have adapted their teaching and supervision, and models of care. 

Stream three:
Beyond - advancing rural specialists’ knowledge and skillset 

This stream will include interactive sessions on procedural skills; patient examination techniques; procedural hacks, and the ‘must have tools of the trade’ for rural practice. Sessions may also cover non-procedural advanced skills disciplines such as population health, academic practice, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, and remote medicine.

Stream four:
Together - recognising the importance of clinician and community well-being

This stream will share initiatives supporting clinician and community wellbeing; practical demonstrations and strategies for self-care; mental health up-skilling; nurturing a happy workforce, and the actions and attitudes required to support meaningful connections. This stream also celebrates how communities have supported and rallied behind clinicians on the frontline.