Pre- and post- conference courses

Along with a jam-packed conference full of motivational speakers, social networking events, and workshops, you also have the opportunity to gain Professional Development hours by attending a pre- or post-conference course in Perth. ACRRM members will receive a discount to all ACRRM-run courses and will have any PDP hours added automatically to their program.

See below for a list of courses that are running alongside the conference this year…

Perth | 19 October
Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Delivered in a relaxed, peer-to-peer learning environment, our Advanced Life Support (ALS) course was developed to meet the needs of Rural Generalists in the management of common emergencies that may arise in rural settings.

Perth | 23 Oct | 3pm - 5pm OR 6pm - 8pm
Implanon Insertion Training

Learn the insertion, localisation, removal and counselling process supporting IMPLANON NXT® from MSD. Implanon Insertion Training consists of online modules and a live session with an ACRRM Fellow who is an endorsed Implanon clinical educator. There are two live sessions available at RMA21.

Perth | 20 October
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC)

Created by experienced Rural Generalists and pre-hospital care specialists, the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) course consolidates the emergency skills required in unfamiliar or uncomfortable environments. *Previously named Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine (PHaRM)

Perth | 18 October
Rural Anaesthetic Crisis Management (RACM)

The full day Rural Anaesthetic Crisis Management (RACM) course was created to improve emergency anaesthetic skills for clinicians practising in rural and remote environments.

Perth | 24 October
Rural Emergency Obstetrics Training (REOT)

Our Rural Emergency Obstetrics Training (REOT) course will help prepare you with the necessary skills for dealing with third trimester emergencies in your rural community.

Perth | 18-19 Oct
Rural Emergency Skills Training (REST)

Created by Rural Generalists, for Rural Generalists, the Rural Emergency Skills Training (REST) course will give you the skills and confidence required to deal with emergencies in your rural community.

Perth | 24 October
Use of Ultrasound in Rural Emergency Medicine

Run in conjunction with Sonosite Fuji Film, our Ultrasound course covers the use of ultrasound in emergency medicine, trauma and clinical care, allowing you to develop your ultrasound skills in a supportive and knowledgeable environment with professional sonographers.