Ding, ding, ding we have a winner! We are thrilled to announce that final year medical student, Mikaela Borgas, has received a 2020 ACRRM President’s Prize.

Growing up rurally, Mikaela is passionate about health in rural and remote Australia and put forward a compelling application that impressed ACRRM president Dr Ewen McPhee.

The honour of President’s Prize is one given to two deserving medical students each year. The prize boasts an all-inclusive trip to RMA, including complementary flights and accommodation, as well as full conference registration and social event tickets. 

Growing up in Booleroo Centre, a small town with a population of 350 people in South Australia, you could find Mikaela with her feet on the netball court or her head in the books. Interested in health from a young age, Mikaela found her way into Laboratory Medicine at university. Mikaela explains while, “enjoying the science of laboratory work, but missing human connection and patient interaction” she made the decision to transfer to medicine at Flinders University.  

Mikaela plans to pursue advanced skills in emergency medicine to equip herself with the skills needed to handle acute emergency situations. She is also interested in obstetrics and women’s health, sexual health, and mental health. 

“I am also very passionate about advocating for the importance of our rural healthcare services and could see myself getting involved with teaching and advocacy in the future” Mikaela says. 

Congratulation Mikaela for finishing your final year of university by being selected as an ACRRM President’s Prize winner. We are excited to see where rural will take Mikaela, and where Mikaela will take Rural Generalism! 

Mikaela Borgas